Georgian Bay Cruising
All Cruising Starts from the Cottage Home Base.  There are many options available depending on your taste and the weather.  If it's windy, we'll stick to the inland channels protected by Islands.  If it's calm, there's nothing more scenic than following the open water along the coast.  One of the most popular cruises is the tour around Parry Island.  It's about 100km, takes the best part of a day, and includes stops at Parry Sound, Hole in the Wall Channel, Killbear Park Beach, Sans Souci Island and then home.  Most of the cruise is in protected channels through the glorious 30,000 Islands paradise.  If you're hungry, we can stop at the world famous Henry's Fish Restauraunt  on Frying Pan Island.
If you want, you can view the glorious 30,000 Islands from the air.  The adventure leaves from Parry Sound by helicopter or sea plane and can be arranged for you as part of your cruise.  Or you can visit the Bobby Orr museum and any of the many other attractions in Parry Sound instead.  Or do both!  It's up to you.
Another favourite for the more adventuresome is to cruise up the Moon River to the falls.  At that point, you can swim safely in the pool at the base of the falls or jump into the natural swirling rapids pool. It's great fun and a picturesque boat ride. (water levels permitting)
Hole In the Wall
Rugged Windswept Beauty
     Safe, Comfortable Cruising
KillBear Beach
Combine Salmon Fishing with a
  Fantastic Sunset Cruise
   < Clean Clear Water on Hot Sand Beaches
All Cruises are completely flexible.  You can cruise all day, with numerous stops for fun activities, or just go out for an hour on the Bay.  We'll put together our plan shortly in advance, based on your desires and the weather conditions.  Fishing and Boating Cruises combined often make the most interesting adventures, but it's up to you.  Tell me what you want and we'll make it happen, but remember, Safety First.
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