Georgian Bay Vacations
Typical Daily Activities
Moon River Fishing and Cruise to Sans Souci
  6 am    Breakfast and Depart for 20 Minute Boat Ride to Pike City   -  Fish  2 hours for Pike, Bass, Muskie
   9 am    Depart from Pike City for 40 Minute Cruise to Sans Souci  through the 30,000 Islands
  10 am   Tour Sans Souci,  Frying Pan Island, Henry's Fish Restaurant  - Enjoy Ice Cream Cones
  11am    Arrive Back at Cottage   -  Lunch at home

  Afternoon Activities
     * Swimming
     * Seadooing
     * Tubing and Waterskiing
     * Treats at the Marina
     *Take the ATV for a Ride down the Bumpy Road

   6  pm   Dinner at the Cottage

   7 pm    Depart for Salmon Fishing / Sunset Cruise Combo  at the Mouth of Twelve Mile Bay
   9:30    Back to Cottage for Bonfire and Marshmellos
Parry Sound Tour
    Sleep In

   10 am    Depart for Parry Sound -  1 hour cruise non stop through the 30,000 Islands.
   11 am    Walking Tour of Parry Sound dock and downtown. 
   12 pm    Lunch in Parry Sound 
     1 pm   Depart for Hole in the Wall,  Killbear Beach, Parry Island tour  (better than  the Island Queen cruise)
     4 pm    Arrive Home

     6 pm    Dinner at the Cottage

8:15 pm   Depart for Sunset Cruise at the Mouth of the Bay
                 Swim at HaHa Rock
Explore the Wreck of the Waubuno
Sleep In

1:00 pm   Depart for Wreck Island
1:30         Explore and Snorkle Around the Wreck of the Waubuno
(The Waubuno Passenger Lake Cruiser sank in Nov 1879 with the loss of 24 Lives.  The Main Ship  has Never Been
                       Discovered, but a Portion of the Hull is Located in Shallow Water in a Small Channel Behind Wreck Island)
2:30         Cruise  to  Forty Pound Ridge for Cliff Diving  (High Rock Cliff with Deep Water)
3:00         Continue on the Back Way to Sans Souci   - Enjoy Ice Cream
5:00 pm    Home for Dinner
Cottage Day
   Sleep In

    *  Relax around the Water on the Sundeck and the Dock
    *  Swimming, Water Trampoline, Fishing off the Dock,
    *  Waterskiing and Tubing
    *  Treats at the Moose Deer Point Marina
    *  Lund Boat Rides
    *  Seadooing
    *  Sail Down the Bay in the CL-16 Sailboat  (conditions permitting)
    *  Frogging at Sandy Cove
    *  Ride the ATV along the Bumpy Road trail.
    * Volleyball, Badminton, Horseshoes, Board Games

   Lunch and Dinner at the Cottage

    6:30   Depart for Salmon Fishing / Sunset Cruise Combo
Honey Harbour Tour
Sleep In

10 am    Depart for Honey Harbour 
                 - 1.5 hrs non-stop
                 -  Packed lunch on board
                 - Ice Cream and Fries at Honey Harbour
  4 pm     Arrive Home at the Cottage

  6 pm     Dinner at the Cottage

8:30 pm  Depart for Sunset Cruise

Campfire till Midnight
The above example days can easily be modified to suit your desires and the weather. These are very full days that will certainly keep you from being bored.   Most activities are completely flexible and can be combined or scheduled with short notice.  Just say the word and we'll make our plans to maximize your enjoyment of every day.   But remember,  Safety First !