Georgian Bay Vacations
The 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay are considered by some to be one of the World's
Wonders.  When you come to the Cottage, I'll take you  
Cruising the Scenic Waters of
Georgian Bay in the Comfortable and Safe Watercraft available.   Experience the Fun of
Deep Water Fishing for Salmon and Trout or Shallow Water Fishing for Muskie, Northern
Pike and Bass.  After that, you can Relax at Home and Enjoy the Variety of
available such as Water-Skiing, Tubing, Swimming, Sailing,  Water Trampoline, or just
Tanning in the Sun.  Take the ATV for a Ride in the Bush or down the "Bumpy Road"  Your
Headquarters is a Fully Equipped  Comfortable 4 Bedroom Cedar Cottage on the Waterfront
of Twelve Mile Bay.  From there you will depart for the Adventures of Georgian Bay
Vacations.  There's Nothing More Relaxing, It will Clear Your Mind of your Worries!
5 yr Old Nicole Caught a Fish Almost as
Big as She Is....Landed it by herself !
      -August 2007
Enjoy Breathtaking Sunset Cruises
Exciting and Safe  WaterSports
There are many people who rent cottages for a week or more during the summer.  Some of them have told me that
after 3 or 4 days, they become bored.  At Georgian Bay Vacations, you will have a comfortable 4 bedroom cottage on
the waterfront, but you won't be bored!  There are so many activities to choose from that are all included in your one
package fee.  Please check out the Standard
Packages available, they're Priced at a Fraction of the Cost of other
larger resorts.  Check
Availability and then Call to Book Now:  519-301-3526.  Don't forget to read the Fine Print
Cruise the Fabulous Waters of Georgian Bay
            Try Something Completely Different This Summer
                                         Come to the Spectacular 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay
                    It's Much More Than Just Renting A Waterfront Cottage
God's Country
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A View From the Cottage
Enjoy It All in Muskoka!
Twelve Mile Bay is in the Heart
of Cottage Country
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Just 2-1/2 Hours From Toronto but a Completely Different World.
Yes, you Stay in a Comfortable 4 Bedroom Cedar Cottage on the
Waterfront, But in Addition, for the One Package Fee, you get
Cruises Throughout the 30,000 Islands, Fishing Charters,
Waterskiing, Tubing, Sailing, Seadoo and Boat Use, ATV Rides,
and  more.........Check all the details on this site, including
pricing and availability.  Or call 519-301-3526
Take a Hike or a Leisurely Walk
Down the Bumpy Road
Your Private Cottage Living
Room Overlooks the Water
Ride the 4X4 ATV On or Off the Road
The Ontario Resort
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Magnificent Sunsets
Fire Chief John, Visiting
from Holland July 2006.  
Caught a 17 lb Catfish
from the Cottage Dock.
(Now Known as John's
Check Out John's Page
Sail Down the
Bay in the Safe
CL-16 Sailboat
Nicole Won
the Trophy  
with This
Catch at Pike
August 2008
Cliff Diving